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  • POY 2018: Escalators, Modernization
    An average of 30,000 people bustle through the Tower City Rapid Station in Cleveland every day. The station is located within the Tower City Center,... Read more »
  • POY 2018: Inclined Elevators
    The Taipa Houses‐Museum is a tourist attraction on Taipa island of Macao. The museum complex consists of five houses, which were originally the residences of... Read more »
  • POY 2018: Moving Walks
    Melilla is a Spanish autonomous city in North Africa on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea at the eastern end of the Strait of Gibraltar... Read more »
  • POY 2018: Elevators, New Construction
    Since Elisha Graves Otis invented the first safety elevator more than 160 years ago, Otis has evolved to include passenger, freight and service units, and... Read more »
  • POY 2018: Private-Residence Elevators
    Gracefully ascending through the center of a row home in downtown Chicago, this breathtaking octagonal elevator blends fine art with function. The innovative project transforms... Read more »

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