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  • June 2018 Special Section: Cabs & Cab Aesthetics
    Clear Vision for the Future In this Industry Dialogue, SnapCab President Corinna Mossberg talks about how the company, is evolving with Corning® Gorilla® Glass. by Kaija Wilkinson After a... Read more »
  • Where No Man (or Elevator Cab) Has Gone Before
    Figure 1: Matt Jefferies, original design for turbo-lift car interior; screenshot from Star Trek: The Original Series, 2015 DVD© Paramount Pictures Corp. and CBS Studios. On... Read more »
  • Meeting Needs, Preserving Heritage
    The Chapter House of St. Paul’s Cathedral sits in the heart of historic London adjacent to the cathedral itself and was the final work of... Read more »
  • Accessibility for The Jefferson
    The Jefferson is a new office and retail building in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Leeser Architecture contacted Handi-Lift to design and install... Read more »
  • Alimak Hoists at Work on Norwegian Suspension Bridge Deck
    The Hålogaland Bridge in Narvik, Norway; photo by TorbjørnS Two dual Alimak construction hoists are onsite for the construction of the Hålogaland Bridge in Norway. When... Read more »

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